Buddha Bamiyan - the project Buddha Bamiyan an indication of peace, peace on earth - Auction

 Public, current auction.

 We auctions immediately 2 small (approx., 1.30 meters highly) carved Buddha figures.

 peace project arranges 2 models in the Birkenstamm, for our Buddha Bamiyan  project of peace,

 the two models are carved, seized by sculptor master Manfred Gerlach additionally to the large statue and occupied with gold foil.

 ... the models to be auctioneered here:..  

 Your requirement for model No. I, or model No. II

clicks you please here.

 The auction accomplished of:

 Auctioneer Guenter Hilbeck

 Expiration of the public auction:

 Requirements are received immediately, without surcharge up to the departure of the gr.buddha-Statue to Kabul.

 Each requirement is binding as with each public auction.

Offers on: Auctioneer: Guenter Hilbeck Luechow Tel./fax. 05841/5594

 at Mr. Hilbeck you can request the - General one of business regulations  for the auction.

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