Buddha Bamiyan - the project Buddha Bamiyan an indication of peace, peace on earth - TV transmissions

 TV transmissions of reports of the television stations

 NDR "hello Lower Saxony" sent a television report to super

 Thank you names of the NDR for the interesting turning day. The television contribution over the project is for Sunday, 21.11st, 19,30 o'clock.

 in "hello Lower Saxony" on the NDR television (Wdh. Mo. 10,30 o'clock, then also over similar satellites). I wish further much luck and success! Annegret Droba NDR

 ... Hello Annegret Droba and team, the contribution was genuinly point, we asks for a "addition"...

 the contribution was sent to 19.11 however already at around 19.30 in "hello the Lower Saxony" NDR television


 Sat-1 has at the 16th Sept. ` 04

  as first television stations a very good report on our Buddha project sent.

 ... the Sat-1 team at the work...

thanks to the team .


 In addition naturally also sound broadcasting reported on us.

 Radio Zusa from Uelzen sent a very good report.

 The NDR in Hanover
 in his midday magazine a report over our Buddha Bamiyan peace project sent.




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